Meet Wendy

Welcome! My name is Wendy Hudgeons and I am the owner of Moving On. Over the past 20 years I have worked with seniors in a multitude of ways and specialized in the moving process. From leasing to move in day, to the unfortunate times we must make arrangements after a loved one passes away. It’s important for you to know the person you are hiring as your Personal Moving Coordinator has experience and is someone you can trust. In my career, I’ve had the honor of working with gerontologist, Dr. David A Lipschitz; served as Development and Services Coordinator with the Arthritis Foundation; served as the Marketing Director at Woodland Heights, a retirement community here in Little Rock; previously held an Arkansas Residential Assisted Living Administration license; worked in property management and other community service positions throughout the state. Currently, I am a licensed real estate referral agent with Waters & Waters Referral Agency in Little Rock. This allows me to assist you with all your real estate needs from buying to selling. I am more than happy to provide you with references. You can also go to Testimonials to read what other clients have to say.

Wendy speaking with a client.

Where It All Began

This house is where it all began. It wasn’t fancy and there wasn’t much land but it’s where my grandparents called home for over 40 years. My grandfather’s pride and joy, my sanctuary. While other kids spent their spring break and summers going to camp or to the beach with friends, I chose the place with sewer water, outhouses, and riding lawn mowers and BB guns for entertainment. There wasn’t a kid in sight. But I was with my grandma and grandpa and that’s all that mattered. Our outings consisted of suppers with great aunts and uncles, visiting family and friends in the nursing home and going to the one room church three times a week. I was never around anyone younger than 60 years old. One day a salesman talked my grandpa into letting him fly his helicopter over the property and take a picture which then he’d paint and frame all for $200! I still can’t believe grandpa let him in the door. But he did and that beautiful painting hung over my grandpa’s chair until he died in 1995. And then it came home with me, just as he promised. They didn’t have money so they left us memories. Now, 20 years later, the painting hangs above my chair and is the face of my company, Moving On.

My Family

Besides my grandparents I have been blessed with an incredible husband, Mike Hudgeons, of almost 9 years. For 32 years he has dedicated his life to the education of our children. My mother is an archivist here in Little Rock, AR, but more importantly, an ovarian cancer survivor of 7 years. My sister and her husband live a few states away. She serves her community as a mental health social worker. I couldn’t ask for more wonderful in-laws who love and support us in everything we do.

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