Dear Wendy Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything you did for my family this past year. I know we could not have made it through the overwhelming challenge of moving my parents from their home to an assisted living facility without your kind heart, caring attitude and professional guidance. After having to make this difficult decision, my brother and I faced an unsurmountable question of what to do next. We wanted them be safe, happy, and well cared for in their new home. But, we realized this would mean a major change in their life. My parents had a beautiful huge home full of beautiful things, and everything had a memory attached to it. You were able to help us objectively filter through, organize, and plan everything. We had no idea what a huge physical and emotional toll this decision would have on my parents and on us. Although my brother and sister-in-law helped as much as they could, them living five hours away in northwest Arkansas added to the strain. You were able to step in from the beginning and be there for all of us (especially my Mom and Dad) throughout the whole process. I was amazed how you were able to keep us moving forward even with the many tears, challenges, and road blocks we faced. Your knowledge and experience in the senior living community was invaluable. They have been in their new home now for almost a year, and are both happy and doing great. We have all adjusted well to this new chapter in our lives. And, it would not have happened without your unbelievable helping hand. God bless you. Sincerely Donna Gross Achor

Wendy Hudgeons was there for us when we needed her most. My Mother had recently passed away and my Father was having a very difficult time. It was his desire to move out of the home that he shared with my Mom. He felt that it would help him in his grieving process. My sisters and I wanted to help him find the right place and make his move as pleasant as possible. Having never been through this experience before, we were apprehensive and uncertain. We were fortunate and blessed when we were introduced to Wendy Hudgeons. Wendy help us transition Dad from his private residence to an independent living community in Little Rock. Her professionalism is apparent at the first introduction. She helped us select the right home but more importantly she “held our hand” through the process. Wendy has a very warm heart and it really comes through in her interaction with the elderly and their family members. I wish that Wendy’s business, Moving On, was around during that time so we could have taken advantage of more of Wendy’s expertise. She is a real asset and a very fine person. Signed, Dr. David Wardlaw

Wendy has been a blessing for me for helping with transitioning my father out of his current home into smaller apartment. I cannot thank her enough for the thoughtful and sincere approach she took with both myself as an only adult child living out-of- state and especially with my widowed father, who probably like us all can be resistant to such changes. She was methodical and attentive to my father’s relocation preferences for a new apartment and made great suggestions all along the way. Her help was indispensable in coordinating all the details of the move, and more importantly getting the new home move-in ready for my father with her great decorating and style. Again, thanks so much Wendy, I literally could not have done it without you. Best, Kuhl T. Brown III

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